Mindprint Intelligence Test (MIT)


You can do better than what you are doing at this moment.

And certainly better than what you think you can.

MindPrint: The Intelligence Within

All you need is to uncover and explore the uncharted territories of your true intelligence, the one you're born with.

At MindPrint, we help you do that! And we do it scientifically, with the help of your fingerprints! Sounds ridiculous, right? Believe us it is science. 

Unlock True Intelligence

Curious how a fingerprint can help you unlock your true potential? Let's explain you. Your fingerprints hold many more secrets about you than your could possibly think of, including your intelligence and personality type. 

We will do a scientific study of your fingerprints based on hundreds of years of research and help your understand more about you and your brain. We will tell you how your brain functions, what personality type you have, what's naturally easier for you to learn, and also, also about your behaviour. You'll get a report with detailed analysis of your multiple talents and inborn potentials.

We're not the first. History is proof of that.


To tell you the truth, we're not alone, the world has long acknowledged the power of fingerprints. Let's deep dive into history & evolution of Dermatoglypics & Multiple Intelligence.


Dr. Harold Cummins is known as the father of Dermatoglyphics. He advocated all humans are made to think, act, and behave in a certain way and hence, can do well only in certain occupations. A wrong decision limits them from reaching their true potential. He conducted field research and did all aspects of fingerprints analysis throughout his lifetime. The MindPrint Tool is a result of 200 years of evidence-based research.

Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence is a term coined by Dr. Howard Gardner. Every child is born with multiple intelligence, and it is important parents and teachers discover those and encourage children to hone their natural talents and abilities.